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陈 坷1,闫剑群1, *,孙 波1,罗 肖1,王 楠1,吕 波2

1西安交通大学医学部基础医学院生理及病理生理系,西安710061;2西安电子科技大学人文学院,西安 710126


机体的营养代谢状态参与调制外周味觉信息的整合,影响外周味觉感受和食物摄入。味蕾上的味觉受体及神经递质都是营养状态调节味觉感知的重要靶点。本文旨在探讨营养状态对味蕾上的重要神经递质甘丙肽(galanin)及其受体表达的影响。我们比较了高脂饮食诱导的肥胖大鼠、慢性限制性饮食大鼠、以及正常膳食大鼠味蕾水平galanin及其受体2 (galanin receptor 2, GalR2) mRNA表达水平的差异,以探讨机体营养代谢状态是否通过调控味蕾水平galanin的表达来影响味觉感知,为深入探讨galanin在营养状态影响味觉感知,进而影响摄食和代谢这一复杂机制中扮演的角色奠定研究基础。分别给予各组大鼠6周的高脂饮食、半量饮食和正常饮食,检测其体重、血糖、血脂等代谢相关指标,用real-time PCR方法检测其味蕾galanin与GalR2 mRNA的表达变化。结果显示:与对照组相比,高脂饮食大鼠的体重显著增加,血清甘油三酯及血糖水平显著增高,味蕾水平galanin与GalR2的表达水平显著降低,而慢性限制性饮食大鼠味蕾galanin的表达增高,是对照组的2.3倍。结合以前的研究,我们可以得出初步结论:高脂饮食诱导的肥胖大鼠味觉感受行为学的变化可能与味蕾galanin及其受体的表达变化存在相互关系。味蕾水平的galanin及其受体GalR2参与营养状态调控大鼠味觉感知及摄食行为的外周机制。

关键字: 营养状态;肥胖;galanin;味蕾;大鼠;


Nutritional status alters the mRNA expressions of galanin and its receptors in taste buds of rats

CHEN Ke1, YAN Jian-Qun1, *, SUN Bo1, LUO Xiao1, WANG Nan1, LYU Bo2

1Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Xi’an Jiaotong University Health Science Center, Xi’an 710061, China; 2School of Humanities, Xidian University, Xi’an 710126, China


 The nutritional and metabolic states alter the peripheral taste perception and food intake by participating in the modulation of taste information integration. The taste receptors and neuropeptides in the taste buds are the important targets of this modulation process. To explore the effects of nutritional status on the expressions of galanin and its receptors in the taste buds, we compared the differences of the mRNA level of galanin and its specific receptor GalR2 in the taste buds among the high-fat diet induced obese rats (HF), chronically restricted diet rats (CR) and control rats. The high-fat diet, half of chow diet, and normal chow diet were given to HF, CR and control groups for 6 weeks, respectively. The body weight and some metabolic indexes, including blood glucose, triglyceride and cholesterol levels were detected. The expressions of galanin and its receptors in taste buds were determined using real-time PCR. Results showed that compared with control rats, the body weights, levels of blood glucose and triglyceride were significantly elevated in HF rats; while the mRNA expressions of galanin and GalR2 were dramatically decreased. However, galanin mRNA expression in CR rats were increased to 2.3 times of that in control group. Considering the results obtained from our previous studies, we conclude that the behavioral changes in tasting choice of HF rats may be related to the expressions of galanin and GalR2 in the taste buds. The changes of galanin and GalR2 in taste buds are involved in the peripheral mechanism of nutritional state regulating taste perception and feeding behavior in rats.

Key words: high-fat diet; obesity; galanin; taste buds; rats;

收稿日期:2018-04-02  录用日期:2018-09-05


DOI: 10.13294/j.aps.2018.0079