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徐玉东, 尹磊淼, 王宇, 魏颖, 杨永清*

上海中医药大学,上海市针灸经络研究所,上海 200030


S100A8是一种具有保守的EF-hand结构域的低分子量(10.8 kDa)钙结合蛋白,也是S100蛋白家族的重要成员。研究表明S100A8蛋白功能与包括哮喘在内的许多炎症性病理过程密切相关。S100A8蛋白主要通过对中性粒细胞的趋化作用激活炎症细胞和炎性因子、结合并活化膜受体晚期糖基化终末产物受体(receptor for advanced glycation end products, RAGE)和Toll样受体4 (Toll-like receptor 4, TLR4),从而介导细胞内的炎症信号转导等途径,在炎症中发挥重要的调节作用。此外,也有研究显示S100A8蛋白具有抗炎症活性,表明S100A8在不同的病理生理条件下可能发挥更为复杂的生物学调节功能。本文对S100A8蛋白在炎症中的作用及其分子机制的研究进展作一综述,为哮喘等炎症性疾病的防治提供新思路。

关键词: S100A8; 炎症; 信号转导; 哮喘


[S100A8 protein in inflammation.] [Article in Chinese]

XU Yu-Dong, YIN Lei-Miao, WANG Yu, WEI Ying, YANG Yong-Qing*

Shanghai Research Institute of Acupuncture and Meridian, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai 200030, China


S100A8, an important member of the S100 protein family, is a low-molecular-weight (10.8 kDa) calcium-binding protein containing conserved EF-hand structural motifs. Previous studies have shown that the biological function of S100A8 protein is associated with a variety of inflammatory diseases, for example asthma. S100A8 protein plays important roles in the regulation of inflammation. It can activate inflammatory cells and cytokines via chemotactic activity for neutrophils, and bind to the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) and Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4), thus mediating intracellular inflammatory signaling transduction. Additionally, recent studies have reported the anti-inflammation activity of S100A8 protein, which indicates that S100A8 may have a more complex function of biological regulation in the different pathophysiological conditions. In this review, we summarized the studies on the functions and molecular mechanisms of S100A8 protein in inflammation, which would propose a novel strategy for the prophylaxis and treatment of asthma and other inflammatory diseases.

Key words: S100A8; inflammation; signal transduction; asthma

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徐玉东, 尹磊淼, 王宇, 魏颖, 杨永清. S100A8蛋白在炎症中的作用[J]. 生理学报 2012; 64 (2): 231-237.

XU Yu-Dong, YIN Lei-Miao, WANG Yu, WEI Ying, YANG Yong-Qing. [S100A8 protein in inflammation.] [Article in Chinese]. Acta Physiol Sin 2012; 64 (2): 231-237 (in Chinese with English abstract).