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钱国清1,2,*, 杨乃彬2, 石洁君2

1浙江大学宁波医院呼吸内科,宁波 315010;2宁波大学附属宁波市第一医院内科,宁波 315010


肾连蛋白(nephronectin, NPNT)是一种新型细胞外基质,为整合素α8β1的新型配体,在肾、肺和甲状腺等组织器官中均高表达。NPNT参与肾脏发育和急性肾损伤过程,调控成骨细胞增殖和分化过程,介导血管生成,可能在病理性骨质疏松症中起关键作用,也是骨骼疾病和创伤治疗的新靶点。NPNT基因位点变异被发现与肺功能相关,其可能参与慢性气道炎症形成过程等。另外,NPNT在心脏、皮肤、乳腺、肝脏和牙齿等多种组织或器官疾病的发生、发展中发挥重要作用。本文对肾连蛋白的结构、分布、生理与病理生理学功能的研究进展作一综述。

关键词: 肾连蛋白; 组织分布; 生理功能


Recent advances in nephronectin

QIAN Guo-Qing1,2,*, YANG Nai-Bin2, SHI Jie-Jun2

1Department of Respiratory Medicine, Ningbo Hospital of Zhejiang University, Ningbo 315010, China;2 Department of General Internal Medicine, Ningbo First Hospital, Ningbo University, Ningbo 315010, China


Nephronectin (NPNT) is a novel extracellular matrix protein and a new ligand of integrin α8β1. Recent studies showed that NPNT is highly expressed in kidney, lung, thyroid, etc, and it may play an important role in many pathological conditions. NPNT is involved in the process of kidney development and acute kidney injury, regulates proliferation and differentiation of osteoblast, and induces the vasculogenesis in vitro. NPNT may play a key role in pathological osteoporosis and therefore be a new therapeutic target of bone diseases. NPNT gene variants are not only associated with lung function, but also potentially implicated in chronic airway diseases development. Moreover, NPNT is also an important factor that mediates pathology of cardiac, epidermis, breast, liver and teeth diseases. In this paper, we reviewed some research progresses on the structure, distribution, physiological and pathophysiological functions of NPNT.

Key words: nephronectin; tissue distribution; physiological function

收稿日期:2019-02-27  录用日期:2019-04-09

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DOI: 10.13294/j.aps.2019.0064


钱国清, 杨乃彬, 石洁君. 肾连蛋白的研究进展[J]. 生理学报 2019; 71 (5): 799-805.

QIAN Guo-Qing, YANG Nai-Bin, SHI Jie-Jun. Recent advances in nephronectin. Acta Physiol Sin 2019; 71 (5): 799-805 (in Chinese with English abstract).