ISSN 0371-0874, CN 31-1352/Q


俞嘉玲, 马黎, 马兰, 陶冶铮. 自主跑轮运动上调成年小鼠海马齿状回区细胞增殖及BDNF、IGF1和WNT4的表达水平[J]. 生理学报 2014; 66 (5): 559-568.

YU Jia-Ling, MA Li, MA Lan, TAO Ye-Zheng. [Voluntary wheel running enhances cell proliferation and expression levels of BDNF, IGF1 and WNT4 in dentate gyrus of adult mice.] [Article in Chinese]. Acta Physiol Sin 2014; 66 (5): 559-568 (in Chinese with English abstract).