ISSN 0371-0874, CN 31-1352/Q


苏艳红, 宿哲, 张凯, 袁乾坤, 刘强, 吕申, 王昭辉, 邹伟. 运动和制动大鼠腓肠肌内p-Akt/MuRF1/FoxO1的蛋白表达变化[J]. 生理学报 2014; 66 (5): 589-596.

SU Yan-Hong, SU Zhe, ZHANG Kai, YUAN Qian-Kun, LIU Qiang, LV Shen, WANG Zhao-Hui, ZOU Wei. [The changes of p-Akt/MuRF1/FoxO1 proteins expressions in the conditions of training and immobilization in rats’ gastrocnemius muscle.] [Article in Chinese]. Acta Physiol Sin 2014; 66 (5): 589-596 (in Chinese with English abstract).