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浙江农业大学土化系. 浙江,杭州(310029)


小麦受渍后叶片的光合和蒸腾速率迅速下降, 而后呈微弱回升趋势。渍害不仅削弱小麦光合产物的积累, 并且改变光合产物在地上部分和根系中的分配比例; 渍害改变小麦的发育进程, 尤其是后期渍害明显促使小麦早衰。认为渍水使叶片光合速率降低、光合有效面积损失和衰老加速, 从而危害小麦的生长。图6表2参10

关键词: 渍害; 冬小麦; 光合速率; 光合产物; 分配; 绿叶面积; 衰老

The injury to winter wheat growth by soil waterlogging and its mechanism

Lu Jun

Zhejiang Agricultural University. Hangzhou,Zhejiang


Soil waterlogging lowered wheat leaf photosynthetic rate and transpiration rate. The critical soil moisture of waterlogging for winter wheat is about 90%~100% field capacity. The response of leaf photosynthesis and transpiration was observed during continuing flooding. Waterlogging in the soil not only reduced plant dry matter accumulation but also lowered the ratio of carbohydrate distribution to root, and decreased root vitality. Many of the older leaves died during continuing flooding, and the amount of yellow leaves was closely related to the decrease of root/shoot ratio. When soil waterlogging occurred at the middle or late development stages, plant senesced earlier and grain yield was reduced seriously.

Key words: Waterlogging;Winter wheat;Photosynthesis;Carbohydrate distribution;Green leaf loss;Senescence;

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吕军. 渍水对冬小麦生长的危害及其生理效应[J]. 生理学报 1994; 46 (3): .

Lu Jun. The injury to winter wheat growth by soil waterlogging and its mechanism. Acta Physiol Sin 1994; 46 (3): (in Chinese with English abstract).