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温州蜜柑(Citrus unshiu Mare.)叶片光合效率的日变化

陈志辉, 张良诚

浙江农业大学. 浙江,杭州(310029)


温州蜜柑光合效率与光强和叶温的日变化大致呈镜象反相关。自然条件下叶温高则表观量子产量(#PHI#_(i))低。测定前叶片的光照强度对#PH I#_(i)不起决定作用。低O_(2)可以消除升温的不利影响。光呼吸相对于光合的增强是升温导致#PHI#_(i)下降的主要原因。图7表2参16

关键词: 光合效率; 表观量子产量; 光呼吸; 光合日变化; 温州蜜柑

Diurnal variation in photosynthetic efficiency of leaves in satsuma mandarin

Chen Zhihui, Zhang Liangcheng

Zhejiang Agricultural University. Hangzhou,Zhejiang


Daily variation in quantum efficiency was dependent on leaf temperature at which the CO_(2)uptake was measured. #PHI#_(i)decreased with increase in leaf temperature and remained unchanged throughout the day if measured at similar leaf temperature. The negative effect of temperature increase on photosynthetic efficiency was attenuated or even eliminated by lowering the O_(2)concentration in the air. Quantitative measurements of the enhancement of photosynthesis by 2% O_(2) at different temperatures of different times of the day seem to indicate that it is the increase in rate of photorespiration relative to rate of photosynthesis rather than a light-induced damage to and inhibition of reactions in photosynthetic apparatus that leads to the decrease in efficiency in midday.

Key words: Phytosynthetic effidency;Apparent quantum yield;Phototespiration;Diurnal variation;Citrus unshin Mare

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陈志辉, 张良诚. 温州蜜柑(Citrus unshiu Mare.)叶片光合效率的日变化[J]. 生理学报 1994; 46 (3): .

Chen Zhihui, Zhang Liangcheng. Diurnal variation in photosynthetic efficiency of leaves in satsuma mandarin. Acta Physiol Sin 1994; 46 (3): (in Chinese with English abstract).