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北京农业大学农业应用化学系. 北京(100094)


玉米幼苗对普杀特极敏感, 浓度高于10~(-5)mol/L时, 抑制作用趋于稳定, 约为80% 。同时加入亮氨酸、异亮氨酸和缬氨酸可以保护玉米幼苗免受危害。普杀特对玉米根尖蛋白质合成速度影响不大, 对DNA合成有明显抑制作用。图3表3参9(S5)

关键词: 普杀特; 玉米; 蛋白质; DNA

Effect of imazethapyr on the protein and DNA synthesis in maize root tips

Liu Zhiqian

Department of Agroapplied Chemistry, Beijing Agricultural University. Beijing


Imazethapyr, an imidazolinone herbicide, at a concentration higher than 10~(-7)mol/L inhibited strongly the growth synthesis, measured by ~(3)H-alanine incorporation, was not inhibited (Table 1), while DNA synthesis, determined by ~(3)-thymidine incorporation, was severely(60%) inhibited 24 h after the application of 10~(-5)mol/L of Imazethapyr (Table 2). An exogenous supply of leucine, isoleucine and valine (1 mmol/L each) to maize seedlings as a root drench prevented the inhibition of both growth and DNA synthesis caused by Imazethapyr (Fig. 3, Table 3). The results indicate that the biosynthesis of leucine, isoleucine and valine is the sole site of action of Imazethapyr and suggest that the 3 branched-chain amino acids play special roles in DNA synthesis during the interphase of plant cell cycle.

Key words: Imazethapyr;Maize;Protein;DNA

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刘支前. 除草剂普杀特(Imazethapyr)对玉米根尖蛋白质和DNA合成的影响[J]. 生理学报 1994; 46 (3): .

Liu Zhiqian. Effect of imazethapyr on the protein and DNA synthesis in maize root tips. Acta Physiol Sin 1994; 46 (3): (in Chinese with English abstract).