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李葆明, 胡新天, 梅镇彤

中科院上海生理研究所. 上海(200031);中科院昆明动物研究所. 云南,昆明(650223)


猴前额叶皮层背外侧部内注射α_(2)受体拮抗剂yohimbine (10μg/2μl)使猴的任务操作正确率下降, 延缓期越长, 下降的幅度越大。注射yohimbine后, 猴的操作错误率升高主 要表现在“交叉”反应率升高, 即应该作GO反应时作NO-GO反应, 反之亦然。注射α_(1)受体拮抗剂prazosin (10μg/2μl)或β受体拮抗剂propranolol (10μhg/2μl)则没有显著效应。提示, 前额叶皮层背外侧部α_(2)受体在延缓GO/NO-GO任务操作中起作用, 可能参与“非空间表象”短时工作记忆过程。图5参13

关键词: Yohimbine; α_(2)受体; 延缓GO/NO-GO任务; 前额叶皮层; 猕猴

Prefrontal injection of the #alpha#_(2)-adrenergic antagonist yohimbine impairs performance of a delayed GO/NO-GO task in monkeys

Li Baoming, Hu Xintian, Mei Zhentong

Shanghai Institute of Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Shanghai;China(650223)


Two rhesus monkeys were trained to perform a delayed GO/NO-GO task, which was initiated by the monkey^s pressing a lever. At 0.5 s after the lever-pressing, a white square(1.5cm×1.5cm)was displayed on the right or the left of a computer screen and lasted 0.5s as a cue. After a delay of 0.0—4.0s, a red square(1.5cm×1.5cm)appeared between the left-cue and right-cue positions as a signal for response chioce. The monkey released the lever within 0.8 s if the cue had been on the right(GO trial), or kept on the lever-pressing for 1.2s if the cue had been on the left (NO-GO trial). Short-term working memory during the delay was a non-spatially representational one. Local injection of the #alpha#_(2)-adrenergic antagonist yohimbine(10#mu#g)into the prefrontal cortex(Walker^s areas 46.9) contralateral to the performing hand decreased the correct rate of performance. The longer the delay period was, the more serious the impairment was. The performing error after injection of yohimbine was expressed mainly as “commissural”response(the monkey made GO response in NO-GO trial or NO-GO response in GO trial). Injection of the #alpha#_(1)-adrenergic antagohist prazosin(10#mu#g)or the .....

Key words: Yohimbine;#alpha#_(2)-adrenoceptor;Delayed GO/NO-GO task;Prefrontal cortex; Monkey

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李葆明, 胡新天, 梅镇彤. 猴前额叶皮层内注射α_(2)肾上腺素能拮抗剂损害延缓GO/NO-GO任务操作[J]. 生理学报 1994; 46 (3): .

Li Baoming, Hu Xintian, Mei Zhentong. Prefrontal injection of the #alpha#_(2)-adrenergic antagonist yohimbine impairs performance of a delayed GO/NO-GO task in monkeys. Acta Physiol Sin 1994; 46 (3): (in Chinese with English abstract).