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杨青, 唐岫, 唐朝枢

北京医科大学心血管基础研究所. 北京 100083


脓毒症结扎盲肠及穿刺大鼠心肌肌膜腺苷酸环化酶(AC)的活性及其部分纯化的AC最大活性, 在早期脓毒症(ES、CLP后9h)时明显增高, 在晚期脓毒症(LS、CLP后18h)时明显降低。其心 肌肌膜蛋白激酶C(PKC)的活性亦呈类似变化。ES和LS大鼠心肌肌膜AC的增敏和失敏与PKC的 激活和抑制有关。上述AC和PKC的双相变化不是肾上腺能#beta#-受体和#alpha#_(1)-受体系统依赖的。ES大鼠心肌肌膜PKC的激活和AC的增敏与M -胆碱受体系统有关; 而LS大鼠心肌肌膜PKC的抑制和AC的失敏与M-胆碱受体系统无关。图1表8参20

关键词: 脓毒症; 受体; 腺苷酸环化酶; 蛋白激酶C

A study on the mechanism of the cardiac adenylyl cyclase activity alteration in septic rats

Yang Qing, Tang Xiu, Tang Chaoshu

Beijing Medical University, Institute of Cardiovascular Basic Research. Beijing 100083


The present work showed that cardiac sarcolemmal (SL) adenylyl cyclase (AC) and purified AC maximal activity of septic rat (cecal ligaation and puncture, CLP) were significantly increased during the early sepsis (ES, CLP 9 h) out decreased in the late sepsis (LS, CLP 18 h). Similar alterations were observed in cardiac sarcolemmal protein kinase C (PKC) activity. Sensitization and desensitization of rat SL adenylyl cyclase during ES and LS were respectively correlated with activition and inhibition of PKC. The biphasic changes of AC and PKC were independent of #beta#--and #alpha#_(1)--adrenergic receptor systems. The rat cardiac sarcolemmal PKC activation and AC sensitization during ES in related to M--cholinergic receptor system. The system, however, is not involved during the LS PKC inhibition and AC desensitization.

Key words: Sepsis;Receptor;Adenylyl cyclase;Protein kinase C

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杨青, 唐岫, 唐朝枢. 脓毒症大鼠心肌腺苷酸环化酶活性的变化及其机理探讨[J]. 生理学报 1995; 47 (2): .

Yang Qing, Tang Xiu, Tang Chaoshu. A study on the mechanism of the cardiac adenylyl cyclase activity alteration in septic rats. Acta Physiol Sin 1995; 47 (2): (in Chinese with English abstract).