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邱一华, 彭聿平, 张清泉, 王健鹤

南通医学院生理教研室. 江苏, 南京 226001


研究不同浓度(10~(10)-10~(-4)mol/L)乙酰胆碱(ACh)对离体培养的大鼠脾 脏T淋巴细胞增殖的影响。结果表明: 10~(-9)-10~(-4)mol/L ACh可显著增 强T细胞由刀豆素A(Con A)诱导的增殖反应, 以10~(-7)-10~(-6)mol/L时最 强。淋巴细胞先用ACh1h刺激或者刺激1h后洗弃ACh, 再用Con A诱导72h, 增殖反应亦加强, 但ACh不能加强被Con A诱导6h的T细胞的增殖。10~(-7)-10~(-6)mol/L阿托 品可完全阻断10~(-9)mol/L或10~(-5)mol/L ACh的免疫增强效应, 10~(-6)mol/L阿托品可阻断10~(-7)mol/L ACh的作用。图3参9

关键词: 乙酰胆碱; T淋巴细胞; 神经递质; 细胞免疫; 神经免疫调节

Effect of acetylcholine on the proliferation of T lymphocyte of rat spleen

Qiu Yihua, Peng Yuping, Zhang Qingquan, Wang Jianhe

Department of Physiology, Nantong Medical College. Nantong 226001, Jiangsu


ACh at 10~(-9)mol/L to 10~(-4)mol/L range significantly enhanced the proliferation of T cells, reaching a maximum at 10~(-7)and 10~(-6)mol/L. The proliferation of lymphocytes first stimulated by various concentrations of ACh (10~(-9), 10~(-7) or 10~(-5)mol/L) for one hour and incubated with Con A for 72h still showed increase. When ACh was washed off for one hour, the proliferative enhancement of lymphocytes to Con A remained to occur. However, ACh did not enhance the proliferation of T cells which were once stimulated with Con A for 6h. Atropine at 10~(-7) or 10~(-6)mol/L abolished completely the effect of ACh at 10~(-9)or 10~(-5)mol/L. The action of ACh at 10~(-7)mol/L could be blocked by 10~(-6)mol/L atropine. These data suggest that ACh at a wide range of concentrations can enhance cellular immunity, an effect occurring either before or after T cells are activated through muscarinic cholinergic receptors.

Key words: Acetylcholine;T-lymphocyte;Neurotransmitter;Cellular immunity;Neuroimmunomod-ulation

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邱一华, 彭聿平, 张清泉, 王健鹤. 乙酰胆碱对培养T细胞功能的作用[J]. 生理学报 1995; 47 (3): .

Qiu Yihua, Peng Yuping, Zhang Qingquan, Wang Jianhe. Effect of acetylcholine on the proliferation of T lymphocyte of rat spleen. Acta Physiol Sin 1995; 47 (3): (in Chinese with English abstract).