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杨英魁, 朱文玉

北京医科大学消化研究室. 北京 100083


用链佐霉素选择性地破坏胰岛B细胞, 研究胰岛素在糖尿病大鼠胰腺外分泌功能变化中的作 用。结果表明: 糖尿病时, 胰淀粉酶含量显著减少, 胰淀粉酶mRNA也降低为对照组的3.2±0.5%(P<0.01)。体外实验表明, 糖尿病大鼠胰腺腺泡上~(125)I-胰岛素的结合明 显增多。B_(max)由对照组的2.8±10~(-9)mol/L增加为3.5±10~(-9)/Lmol/(P<0.01)。腺泡对~(3)H-葡萄糖的摄取, ~(3)H-亮氨酸的掺入以及腺 泡膜Na~(+)-K~(+)ATP酶的活性均比正常组明显降低(P<0.01)。补充胰岛素可翻转上述变化。图5表1参9

关键词: 淀粉酶; 淀粉酶mRNA; 胰岛素; 糖尿病; 胰岛素受体

Effect of insulin on the function of pancreatic exocrine

Yang Yingkui, Zhu Wenyu

Research Laboratory in Physiology of Digestion, Beijing Medical University. Beijing 100083


Pancreatic function was determined in the diabetic rats prepared with STZ, a compound specifically damaging B--cells of the islets. The results indicated that in STZ rats the amylase content and the level of amylase mRNA in pancreas were significantly decreased. Studies in vitro showed that the binding of ~(125)I--insulin with diabetic acini was mch higher than that of control (P<0.01). The uptake of the ~(3)H--glucose, the incorporation of ~(3)H--leucine in acini, and the Na~(+)--K~(+)ATPase activity in acinar membrane of diabetic rats were also significantly lower than that of the control was (P<0.01). However, the above--mentioned alternations could be reversed by replacement of insulin. These results indicate that insulin plays an important regulating role on the function of pancreatic acini.

Key words: Amylase;Amylase mRNA;Insulin receptor;Diabetes ;

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杨英魁, 朱文玉. 胰腺素对胰腺外分泌功能的影响[J]. 生理学报 1995; 47 (3): .

Yang Yingkui, Zhu Wenyu. Effect of insulin on the function of pancreatic exocrine. Acta Physiol Sin 1995; 47 (3): (in Chinese with English abstract).