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阎隆飞, 刘国琴

北京农业大学生物学院. 北京 100094


用免疫荧光标记和免疫印迹技术, 证明芹菜韧皮部中的微管蛋白分子量约为55kD, 以 微管状态沿筛管长度排列; 类动蛋白重链分子量为100kD, 主要存在于筛管中的无定型颗粒(或聚合物)上。

关键词: 类动蛋白; 微管蛋白; 韧皮部; 分子马达

Tubulin and kinesin-like protein in phloem of Apium graveolens

Yan Longfei, Liu Guoqin

College of Biological Sciences, Beijing Agricultural University. Beijing 100094


Tubulin and kinesin-like ptoteins have been identified in the phloem of Apium graveolems, based on immuno-fluo rescence labeling and immunoblotting. Microtubules are distributed along the length of the sieve tubes, and the molecular weight of tubulin weas found to be 55 kD. Kinesin-like proteins are present mainly on the irregular cytoplasmic particles (or aggregates) in the sieve tubes, and the heavy chain of them is found to be 100kD. It is suggested that the kinesin-like proteins in the phloem of Apium graveolens mya play the role of motor in transporting vesicles as kinesin in animal nerve cells.

Key words: Kinesin-like protein;Tubulin;Phloem;Molecular motor

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阎隆飞, 刘国琴. 芹菜韧皮部中的微管蛋白和类动蛋白[J]. 生理学报 1995; 47 (4): .

Yan Longfei, Liu Guoqin. Tubulin and kinesin-like protein in phloem of Apium graveolens. Acta Physiol Sin 1995; 47 (4): (in Chinese with English abstract).