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黄建中, 陈子元

浙江农业大学植物生理组.浙江,杭州 310029;浙江农业大学原子核农业科学研究所.浙江,杭州 310029



关键词: 质膜微囊; H~(+)-ATPase; 植物激素; 菜豆

Effects of ABA, IAA and CaM on plasma membrane H~(+)-ATPase activity of developing bean cotyledons

Huang Jianzhong, Chen Ziyuan

Section of Plant Physiology, Zhejiang Agricultural University. Hangzhou 310029, Zhejiang


Plasma membrane vesicles were purified from developing cotyledons of common bean by aqueous two-phase partitioning. Parts of these vesicles were turned into sealed, inside-out form by freeze/thaw cycle, and membrane vesicles frozen and thawed 4 times were routinely used in the H~(+)-ATPase assay. It was observed that the ATPase activity was stimulated significantly by ABAand CaM but inhibited significantly by IAA; Proton pumping activity was stimulated significantly by ABAbut inhibited significantly by CaM, while IAA had only negligible effect on proton pumping. These findings imply that the enhancing effect of ABA on sugar uptake by developing bean cotyledons may be mediated through the stimulation of plasma membrane H~(+)-ATPase; whereas IAA probably exerts no significant influence on plasma membrane H~(+)-ATPase in these tissues. CaM, a key link in the signal transduction pathway, might have no direct effect on plasma membrane H~(+)-ATPase activity.

Key words: Plasma membrane vesicles;H~(+)-ATPase;Phytohormones;Common bean

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黄建中, 陈子元. ABA、IAA和CaM对发育菜豆子叶质膜H~(+)-ATPase活力的效应[J]. 生理学报 1996; 48 (4): .

Huang Jianzhong, Chen Ziyuan. Effects of ABA, IAA and CaM on plasma membrane H~(+)-ATPase activity of developing bean cotyledons. Acta Physiol Sin 1996; 48 (4): (in Chinese with English abstract).