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彭新湘, 张景鹏, 李明启

华南农业大学生物技术学院分子植物生理研究室.广东,广州 510642


相对于其它几种常用的铁螯合物如二乙基四乙酸铁(Fe~(Ⅲ) EDTA)或柠檬酸铁,草酸铁更有利于黄瓜活体叶片及铁还原酶的作用,即表现出更高的铁还原活力。缺铁降低了黄瓜叶片中的铁还原活性。缺铁时叶片中的草酸含量不受影响,而富含在石灰性缺铁土壤中的碳酸氢根离子能使叶片中草酸含量显著提高。

关键词: 铁还原; 草酸; 黄瓜叶片

Reduction of ferric oxalate by cucumber leaves

Peng Xinxiang, Zhang Jinpeng, Li Mingqi

Lab of Molecular Plant Physiology,College of Biotechnology,South China Agricultural University.Guangzhou 510642,Guangdong


Ferric reduction may play an important role in iron acquisition and utilization for the cells of plant leaves. This study revealed that ferric oxalate could serve as a better substrate for the ferric reduction by either leaf discs or the membrane-bound ferric reductase compared with the other commonly-used ferric chelates such as Fe~(III) EDTA and ferric citrate. Iron deficiency was not able to increase the ferric reduction in cucumber leaves, which usually occurs in the roots. Iron deficiency itself had no effect on oxalate content in the leaves, but bicarbonate, abundant in calcareous soil, significantly increased the leaf oxalate content.

Key words: Ferric reduction;Oxalate;Cucumber leaves

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彭新湘, 张景鹏, 李明启. 黄瓜叶片对草酸铁的还原作用[J]. 生理学报 2001; 53 (6): .

Peng Xinxiang, Zhang Jinpeng, Li Mingqi. Reduction of ferric oxalate by cucumber leaves. Acta Physiol Sin 2001; 53 (6): (in Chinese with English abstract).