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刘远谋, 王红卫, 李慈珍

上海第二医科大学生理教研室. 上海 200025



关键词: 游离心室肌细胞; 膜片箝; 晚钠电流; 模式; 爆发型

Voltage dependence of late Na channel with burst mode in isolated cardiac myocytes

Liu Yuanmou, Wang Hongwei, Li Cizhen

Department of Physiology, Shanghai Second Medical University. Shanghai 200025, China


Patch clamp technique was employed to record single Na channel currents in isolated guinea-pig ventricular myocytes. Burst mode could be elicited by step depolarization and terminates immediately after repolarization. The unitary current of burst mode was not only dependent on Na concentration in the pipettes but also on the test voltage. The open time constant increased as testing voltage hecomes more positive. The results from stepwise-depolarization and ramp depolarization experiments showed that the more steps or the faster the upstroke velocity of depolarization used, the more the burst mode would occure.

Key words: Isolated ventricular myocytes;Patch clamp;Late Na current;Mode;Burst

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刘远谋, 王红卫, 李慈珍. 游离心肌细胞晚钠通道爆发型开放模式的电位依赖性 [J]. 生理学报 1997; 49 (5): .

Liu Yuanmou, Wang Hongwei, Li Cizhen. Voltage dependence of late Na channel with burst mode in isolated cardiac myocytes. Acta Physiol Sin 1997; 49 (5): (in Chinese with English abstract).