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冯康 郭学勤

上海医科大学生理学教研室. 上海 200032



关键词: 血管加压素; 头端延髓腹外侧区(rVLM区); 防御性升压反应

Effect of vasopressin in the rostral ventrolateral medulla on pressor response induced by dPAG stimulation

Feng Kang

Department of Physiology, Shanghai Medical University. Shanghai 200032, China


Experiments were Performed on male SD rats anaesthetized with urethane(700 mg/kg) and chloralose(35 mg/kg). The results showed that mean arterial pressure(MBP)increased signifigantly and heart rate (HR) had no signifigant change by bilateral microinjection AVP(10 pmol/0.1 #mu#l/site) into the rostral ventrolateral medulla(rVLM ),while both MBP and HR were not changed by application of an AVP-V_(1) receptor antagnoist. Microinjection of an AVP-V_(1) receptor antagonist into the bilateral rVLM inhibited partially the pressor response induced by midbrain defence area stimulation. The above results suggest that AVP in the rVLM can elevate MBP and midbrain defence area stimulation can cause pressor resPonse. Both these effects are related to activation of AVP-V_(1) receptos in the rVLM.

Key words: AVP;Rostral ventrolateral medulla;Pressor response

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冯康 郭学勤. 头端延髓腹外侧区血管加压素在刺激中脑dPAG区诱发防御性升压反应中的作用[J]. 生理学报 1997; 49 (5): .

Feng Kang. Effect of vasopressin in the rostral ventrolateral medulla on pressor response induced by dPAG stimulation. Acta Physiol Sin 1997; 49 (5): (in Chinese with English abstract).