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唐明 苏海灵 李春林

青岛大学医学院生理学教研室. 山东, 青岛 266021



关键词: 八肽胆囊收缩素; 杏仁基底内侧核; 下丘脑腹内侧核; 胃内压; 胃运动

Inhibition of gastric motility by microinjection of CCK-8 into rat amygdala

Tang Ming

Department of Physiology, Medical College of Qingdao University. Qingdao 260021, Shandong, China


Intranulear microinjection and electrical stimulation technique were employed to evaluate the effect of ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH) on the gastric inhibition elicited by basomedial amygdala nucleus (BMA) excitation. The results were as follows: (1)Microinjections of CCk-8 (50 ng/#mu#l) into bilateral BAM resulted in significant decrease in intragastric pressure (IGP) and gastric motility frequency (GMF) (P<0.01). (2)Neither CCK-A receptor antagonis[L364, 718] nor CCK-8 receptor antagonist [L365,260] induced effects on IGP or GMF when given alone. (3) If bilateral BMA were pretreated with [L364, 718], CCK-8 could no longer induce any inhibitory effects, whlie [L365, 260] had no similar suppressive effect. (4) The inhibitory effects were not found in other nuclei in the amygdaloid body, such as bed nucleus of the stria terminaIis intramygdaloid (BSTIA) and amygdaloid nucleus medial (Me). (5) Electrical stimulation of unilatera VMH or BMA would result in the inhibition of IGP and GMF.

Key words: Cholecystokinin-8;Intragastric pressure;Gastric motility;Basomedial amygdaloid;Ventromedial hypothalamus

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唐明 苏海灵 李春林. 杏仁核内注射CCK-8抑制胃运动的机制[J]. 生理学报 1997; 49 (5): .

Tang Ming. Inhibition of gastric motility by microinjection of CCK-8 into rat amygdala. Acta Physiol Sin 1997; 49 (5): (in Chinese with English abstract).