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谢衷明, 毛全福, 徐美红, 顾佩德, 谢衷洁

上海市计划生育科学研究所. 上海 200032;北京大学概率统计系. 北京 100871


众所周知,下丘脑促性腺激素释放激素(GnRH)以脉冲形式驱使垂体前叶释放促黄体生成激素(LH),但垂体前叶本身释放LH的形式却遭忽略。直到Marco Gambacciani(1987)和谢(1987)才发现人和大鼠离体垂体的LH释放呈节律性。该文目的在于进一步证实是否确实存在LH释放的内在节律。取出SD雌性大鼠垂体后,经Tc-199培液灌流,在整个120min的实验过程中,每5min收集一次0.5ml的灌流液,由放射免疫测定出的LH值经消除趋势后,再用时间序列的潜周期分析法、极大熵MaximumEntropy方法检验和检测出LH中的周期性节律。实验结果为:(1)不同生殖激素条件下LH释放的内在节律不同。动情前期组的释放频率(F,min/cycle)与振幅(A,ng/ml)最高,其次为去卵巢组;最低的是哺乳期组。(2)多肽激素或甾体激素能改变LH释放的内在节律性。(3)Verapamil和EGTA能使动情前期组的内在节律变慢。本工作表明垂体前叶LH释放的内在节律随生殖内分泌条件而异,并受外源性激素的影响,推测这种节律可能有Ca~(2+)的参与。垂体前叶LHn释放的内在节律的真正生理意义还不清楚。

关键词: 离体大鼠垂体前叶; 不同生理状态; LH释放内在节律性; 时间序列分析

Xie Zhongming, Hsieh Chungming, Mao Quanfu, Xu Meihong, Gu Peide

Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research, WHO Collaborating Center for Research in Human Reproduction. Shanghai 200032, China;Statistical Lamoratory, Peking University. Beijing 100871, China


The intrinsic nature of rthymic release of luteinizing hormone (LH) of isolated human and rat anterior pituitare gland reported independently by Macro Gambacciani and Xie in 1987 can be more directly demonstrated by a computer programme of Time Series-HSY Hidden Periodic Analytic Approach for continuous monitoring the LH output of the perfusate from a perfusion system with in vitro anterior pituitary of SD female rat. The results are as follows: (1) Under various reproductive conditions the average frequency (min/cycle) and amplitude (ng/ml) of the intrinsic rhythm of LH release were quite different: In proestrous group the frequency and amplitude were the highest, being intermediate in the ovariectomized group and lowest in the lactation group. (2) The intrinsic rhythm of LH release could be changed by either peptide or steriod hormones. In proestrous group with 30 min of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), stimulation would reduce both frequency and amplitude.

Key words: Isolated rat anterior pituitary;Various conditions of reproductive hormone;Intrinsic rhythm of LH release;Time-series analysis

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谢衷明, 毛全福, 徐美红, 顾佩德, 谢衷洁. 雌性大鼠离体垂体前叶内在促黄体生成激素释放节律性现象[J]. 生理学报 1997; 49 (6): .

Xie Zhongming, Hsieh Chungming, Mao Quanfu, Xu Meihong, Gu Peide. . Acta Physiol Sin 1997; 49 (6): (in Chinese with English abstract).