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王瑶, 吴立玲, 葛明珠

北京医科大学病理生理教研室. 北京 100083



关键词: G蛋白; 缺血-再灌注; 信号转导; 腺苷酸环化酶

Cui Hong

First Clinical Institute,China Medical University. Shenyang 110001,Liaoning, China


Alteration of G proteins in rat heart during ischemia-reperfusion was studied. Levelsof Cia2, Gia3 and Gsa in sarcolemma and light vesicle were measurdd by Westem blotanalysis. Adenyl cyclase activities were determined by radioimmunoassay. Duringischemia-reperfusion, cardiac function parameters were decreased significantly.Expressions of Gsa remained unchanged. Compared with the control group, levels of Gia2and Gia3 in sarcolemma in ischemia-reperfusion group increased by 37 .4% (P<0.01)and 42.4% (P<0.01), respectively with, however, no changes in light vesicle;Activities of adenyl cyclase decreased during ischemia-reperusion. The results suggestedthat the increased expression of cardiac Gi may contribute to the dysfunction of adenylcyclase signal transduction system and the impaired cardiac function during ischemiareperfusion.

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王瑶, 吴立玲, 葛明珠. 缺血-再灌注时大鼠心脏Gi蛋白α亚基的变化[J]. 生理学报 1998; 50 (5): .

Cui Hong. . Acta Physiol Sin 1998; 50 (5): (in Chinese with English abstract).