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李德培, 范振中, 何瑞荣

河北医科大学基础医学研究所生理室. 石家庄 050017



关键词: 内皮素; 压力感受器活动; 窦神经传入放电; ATP敏感性钾通道

Cui Hong

First Clinical Institute,China Medical University. Shenyang 110001,Liaoning, China


The effects of endothelin (ET-1) on carotid baroreceptor activity were examined in33 anesthetized rats with perfused isolated carotid sinus by recolding sinus nerve afferentdischarge. The results obtained were as follows: (1) By perfusing with 1 nmol/L ET-1,the functional curve of carotid baroreceptor (FCCB) was shifted to the left and upwardwith increase of peak slope (PS), while the peak integral value of carotid sinus nervedischarge (PIV) was increased, indicating that the carotid baroreceptor activity wasfacilitated. (2) On the contrary, by perfusing with 10 nmol/L ET-1, FCCB was shiftedto the right and downward with a decrease of PS and PIV. In response to perfusion with100 nmol/L ET-1, FCCB was further shifted to the right and downward with a markeddecrease of PS and PIV. These results showed that ET-1 at 10 or 100 nmol/L exerted aninhibitory action on the baroreceptor activity.

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李德培, 范振中, 何瑞荣. 内皮素对麻醉大鼠颈动脉窦压力感受器活动的影响[J]. 生理学报 1998; 50 (5): .

Cui Hong. . Acta Physiol Sin 1998; 50 (5): (in Chinese with English abstract).