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李昭波, 高云秋, 唐朝枢

北京医科大学运动医学研究所. 北京 100083;北京心血管基础研究所. 北京



关键词: 心肌肥大; 心肌基因; 高血压; 运动


Our previous studies have shown that the myocardial phenotypes between exerciseinduced and hrpertensive cardiac hypertrophy are different. However, alteration ofcardiac gene expression in the two kinds of hypertrophy is not clear. We therefore studiedthe expression of immediate early and late responsive gene in Wistar rats subject to a 12weeks swimming program and spontaneously hrpertensive rats (SHR) by Northern blot.The autoradiographs were analyzed by scanning densitometry. When compared withmatched sedentary control, swimming rats and SHR increased their heart/body weight by29% and 61% respectively (P<0.01). After a series of swiming program, levels ofc-fos and atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) mRNA were instantly increased 203% and214% respectively in the swimming rats. However in 24 h after swimming, ANF mRNAwas decreased to the level of control but c-fos mRNA was still higher than that in control.The levels of c-fos and ANF mRNA were increased by 80% and 298% in SHRrespectively.

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李昭波, 高云秋, 唐朝枢. 运动性和高血压性心肌肥大重塑时心肌初级和次级应答基因表达的差异[J]. 生理学报 1998; 50 (5): .

, , . . Acta Physiol Sin 1998; 50 (5): (in Chinese with English abstract).