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吴炳义, 娄淑杰, 徐仁宝, 陈宜张

上海生命科学研究中心. 上海 200031;第二军医大学生理学教研室. 上海 200433;上海病理生理学教研室. 上海



关键词: 热休克蛋白; 神经递质; 鼠嗜铬细胞瘤细胞; 谷氨酸; 乙酰胆碱


The heat shock response has been found in many strainss of bacteria to humanbeings. Besides heat stimuli, many kinds of factors could also induce the synthesis ofheat shock proteins (hsp). It is still unknown whether neurotransmitter could induce theincrease of hsp expression in mammalian cells. In the present study, the effects ofglutamic acid and acetylcholine (ACh) on the induction of hsp70 mRNA in PC12 cellswere studied by Northem blot method. The probe used is specific for inducible hsp70mRNA. Our results showed that the glutamic arid under limited conditions (such as at 50~500 μmol/L and action time 5~30min) could induce the expression of hsp70 mRNA,which was pahly mediated by NMDA receptors. On the other hand, ACh (0.1 ~ 1000μmol/L) could not induce the expression of hsp 70 mRNA.

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吴炳义, 娄淑杰, 徐仁宝, 陈宜张. 谷氨酸对嗜铬细胞瘤细胞热休克蛋白70mRNA的诱导分析[J]. 生理学报 1998; 50 (5): .

, , , . . Acta Physiol Sin 1998; 50 (5): (in Chinese with English abstract).