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许多, 朱伟杰, 王自能

暨南大学生殖免疫研究中心.广东,广州 510632;暨南大学医学院.广东,广州 510632


该研究旨在探讨育龄妇女输卵管中钙结合蛋白calbindin--D28k(CaBP--D28k)的表达和变化。33例月经规律、有正常生育史的育龄妇女,因子宫肌瘤、子宫腺肌症行子宫切除术(一并切除输卵管),输卵管取材均包括峡部、壶腹部和伞部,按月经周期分为增生早期组6例,增生中期组5例、增生晚期组5例,分泌早期组7例,分泌中期组5例和分泌晚期组5例。采用免疫组织化学法和逆转录聚合酶链反应法检测CaBP--D28k在人输卵管组织中的表达。结果显示,人输卵管组织中存在CaBP--D28k蛋白及mRNA表达。CaBP--D28k蛋白表达于输卵管上皮细胞的胞浆中,在月经周期同一时期,输卵管峡部、壶腹部、伞部的表达无明显差别({sl P}>0.05)。在月经周期中,CaBP--D28k蛋白表达在增生早、中期最低,而在增生晚期和分泌早期明显增高({sl P}<0.05),分泌中、晚期显著下降({sl P}<0.05)。CaBP--D28k蛋白阳性表达分布在月经周期中出现再分布,在增生早、中期呈灶状或片状弥散分布在胞浆中,增生晚期和分泌早、中期CaBP--D28k蛋白呈聚集的颗粒状集中在细胞顶部,至分泌晚期则仍呈灶状或弥散状分布;CaBP--D28k mRNA表达也随月经周期发生变化,在增生晚期和分泌早期明显增高({sl P}<0.05)。结果表明,人输卵管组织中存在CaBP--D28k蛋白及mRNA表达,且具有周期性变化。

关键词: 输卵管; calbindin-D28k; 免疫组织化学; 逆转录聚合酶链反应

Expression of calbindin--D28k in human fallopian tubes

Xu Duo, Zhu Weijie, Wang Zineng

Center for Reproductive Immunology Research,Jinan University.Guangzhou 510632,Guangdong;China


The present study was aimed at investigating the expression of calbindin-D28k (CaBP-D28k) in human fallopian tube, which were collected from 33 childbearing age women undergoing abdominal hysterectomy with adnexectomy for benign disease in the pelvic cavity. These women had normal menstrual cycle and history of normal pregnancy. Isthmus, ampullary and umbrella segments of fallopian tubes were respectively collected. These specimens were divided into 6 groups based on their menstrual cycles: earlyproliferative stage (n=6), mid-proliferative stage (n=5), late-proliferative stage (n=5), early-secretory stage (n=7), mid-secretory stage (n=5) and late-secretory stage (n=5). The expressions of CaBP-D28k protein and mRNA in fallopian tubes were determined by immunohistocbemistry and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) methods. Positive expressions of CaBP-D28k protein and mRNA were observed in human fallopian tubes. There was no significant difference in the expression of CaBP-D28k protein among the isthmus, ampulla and umbrella segments in the same phase of menstrual cycle (P〉0.05). However, in the menstrual cycle, the expression level of CaBP-D28k protein in the epithelium was the lowest during the early- and mid-proliferative stages and increased in both the late-proliferative and early-secretory stages (P〈0.05), and then decreased in the mid- and late-secretory stages (P〈 0.05). The expressed CaBP-D28k protein was disposed to gobbets or dispersed sheets in cytoplasm in the early- and mid- proliferative stages, and showed concentrated granules on the top of cells in the late-proliferative and early-, mid-secretory stages. Then in the latesecretory stage redistribution renewed as in the early- and mid-proliferative stages. The CaBP-D28k mRNA obviously increased in the late-proliferative and early-secretory stages (P〈0.05). These findings indicate that the expressions of CaBP-D28k protein and mRNA exist in human fallopian tubes and exhibit a cyclic change.

Key words: fallopian tube;calbindin-D28k;immunohistocbemistry;reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction

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许多, 朱伟杰, 王自能. 钙结合蛋白calbindin--D28k在人输卵管组织的表达[J]. 生理学报 2006; 58 (6): .

Xu Duo, Zhu Weijie, Wang Zineng. Expression of calbindin--D28k in human fallopian tubes. Acta Physiol Sin 2006; 58 (6): (in Chinese with English abstract).