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龙志1, 谢娟2, 刘艳萍1, 张琍1, 徐晨光1, 罗江艳1, 李国庆1,*

1南华大学附属第二医院消化内科,衡阳 421001;2南华大学医学院诊断教研室,衡阳 421001


本文旨在探讨环状RNA (circular RNA, circRNA)在不同分化程度的胃癌细胞MGC-803、SGC-7901、NCI-N87与正常胃上皮细胞GES-1中的表达谱变化。体外培养低分化胃癌细胞MGC-803、中分化胃癌细胞SGC-7901、高分化胃癌细胞NCI-N87和正常胃上皮细胞GES-1,利用高通量circRNA芯片技术检测三种不同分化程度胃癌细胞和正常胃上皮细胞中差异表达的circRNA,借助生物信息学软件预测可能与circRNA相互作用的微小RNA (microRNA, miRNA),结合文献检索初步选定可能在胃癌中具有重要意义的circRNA。结果显示,与正常胃上皮细胞相比,在不同分化程度胃癌细胞中均表达上调的circRNA有79条,均表达下调的有229条。生物信息学分析和文献检索结果显示,hsa_circ_0001897与胃癌分期、转移相关,与其结合的miR-150-5p与多种消化道肿瘤密切相关,如结肠癌、肝癌、胆管癌;与hsa_circ_0008106、hsa_circ_0060456存在结合位点的miR-16-5p已被证实参与胃癌的发生和发展。上述结果提示,hsa_circ_0001897、hsa_circ_0008106、hsa_circ_0060456可能通过与miRNA相互作用参与胃癌的发生和发展。

关键词: 环状RNA; 胃癌; 基因芯片


Differentially expressed circular RNAs in human gastric cancer cells

LONG Zhi1, XIE Juan2, LIU Yan-Ping1, ZHANG Li1, XU Chen-Guang1, LUO Jiang-Yan1, LI Guo-Qing1,*

1Department of Gastroenterology, the Second Affiliated Hospital of University of South China, Hengyang 421001, China;2Teaching and Research Section of Diagnosis, School of Medicine, University of South China, Hengyang 421001, China


 The purpose of this study was to investigate the expression profile of circular RNA (circRNA) in gastric cancer cells MGC-803, SGC-7901 and NCI-N87 with different degrees of differentiation and normal gastric epithelial cells GES-1. High throughput circRNA microarray technique was used to detect the differential expression of circRNA between three kinds of differentiated gastric cancer cells and normal gastric epithelial cells. The interaction of microRNAs (miRNAs) with circRNAs was predicted by bioinformatics software, and circRNA, which might have great significance in gastric cancer, was identified by literature search. The results showed that there were 79 up-regulated circRNAs and 229 down-regulated circRNAs in gastric cancer cells with different degrees of differentiation compared with those in normal gastric epithelial cells. Through bioinformatics software analysis and literature retrieval, it was found that hsa_circ_0001897 was related to the staging and metastasis of gastric cancer, while the miR-150-5p, which combined with it, was closely related to many kinds of digestive tract tumors, such as colon cancer, liver cancer, and cholangiocarcinoma. The miR-16-5p, which has binding sites with hsa_circ_0008106 and hsa_circ_0060456, has been confirmed to be involved in the development of gastric cancer. The above results suggest that hsa_circ_0001897, hsa_circ_0008106 and hsa_circ_0060456 may be closely related to the occurrence and development of gastric cancer by interacting with miRNA.

Key words: circRNA; gastric cancer; microarray

收稿日期:2018-03-27  录用日期:2018-05-25

通讯作者:李国庆  E-mail:

DOI: 10.13294/j.aps.2018.0041


龙志, 谢娟, 刘艳萍, 张琍, 徐晨光, 罗江艳, 李国庆. 环状RNA在胃癌细胞系中的差异表达[J]. 生理学报 2018; 70 (4): 384-390.

LONG Zhi, XIE Juan, LIU Yan-Ping, ZHANG Li, XU Chen-Guang, LUO Jiang-Yan, LI Guo-Qing. Differentially expressed circular RNAs in human gastric cancer cells. Acta Physiol Sin 2018; 70 (4): 384-390 (in Chinese with English abstract).