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周蓉, 勾萌, 肖蓉*

辽宁师范大学生命科学学院,大连 116081


电压门控型钠离子通道(voltage-gated sodium channels, VGSCs)在可兴奋细胞动作电位的产生和传导中发挥着非常重要的作用。最新研究表明,VGSCs在巨噬细胞内表达,并参与调控巨噬细胞的多种生物学功能,如吞噬、晚期内体酸化、伪足的形成、极化和抗病毒反应等。本文将针对VGSCs参与调控巨噬细胞的生物学功能及机制进行综述,以期为更深入地阐明VGSCs在免疫细胞中的功能奠定基础。

关键词: 巨噬细胞; 电压门控型钠离子通道; 吞噬作用; 极化; 胞内体酸化; 伪足; 抗病毒反应


Voltage-gated sodium channels regulate the biological functions of macrophages

ZHOU Rong, GOU Meng, XIAO Rong*

School of Life Sciences, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian 116081, China


Voltage-gated sodium channels (VGSCs) play very important roles in the generation and conduction of action potential in the excitable cells. Recent studies have showed that VGSCs are also expressed in the macrophages and regulate a variety of biological functions, including phagocytosis, endosomal acidification, podosome formation, polarization, and antiviral responses, etc. This paper will review the roles of VGSCs in regulating the biological functions of macrophages and the underlying mechanisms, which would provide clues for the studies of the functions of VGSCs in the other immune cells.

Key words: Macrophages; voltage-gated sodium channels; phagocytosis; polarization; endosomal acidification; podosome; antiviral responses

收稿日期:2017-11-22  录用日期:2018-07-05

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DOI: 10.13294/j.aps.2018.0048


周蓉, 勾萌, 肖蓉. 电压门控型钠离子通道参与调控巨噬细胞的生物学功能[J]. 生理学报 2018; 70 (4): 455-461.

ZHOU Rong, GOU Meng, XIAO Rong. Voltage-gated sodium channels regulate the biological functions of macrophages. Acta Physiol Sin 2018; 70 (4): 455-461 (in Chinese with English abstract).