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梁计陵1, 谢金凤1, 王岑依2, 陈宁3,*

1武汉体育学院研究生院,武汉 430079;2杜肯大学兰格斯健康科学学院,匹兹堡,PA 15282,美国;3武汉体育学院健康科学学院,运动训练监控湖北省重点实验室,天久运动营养食品研发中心,武汉 430079


衰老性肌萎缩症是由于衰老所致的骨骼肌质量减少及功能减退的增龄性机能退化症,运动干预是其防治的最有效措施之一。研究表明,microRNAs (miRNAs)作为基因表达的调控因子,通过调节骨骼肌发育(增殖、分化)、线粒体生物发生、蛋白质合成与降解、炎症反应和代谢途径来维持衰老骨骼肌细胞稳态。此外,运动可改变miRNAs表达水平,调节骨骼肌细胞的代谢平衡,从而改善衰老相关的骨骼肌质量、组成和功能的变化。本文综述了miRNAs在衰老性肌萎缩症中的调节机制,阐述在运动条件下miRNAs在衰老性肌萎缩症中的调控作用和分子机制,以期为预防和治疗衰老性肌萎缩症提供新的思路。

关键词: 衰老性肌萎缩症; microRNA; 运动干预; 信号通路调控

分类号:R3; R746.4

Regulatory roles of microRNAs in sarcopenia and exercise intervention

LIANG Ji-Ling1, XIE Jin-Feng1, WANG Cen-Yi2, CHEN Ning3,*

1Graduate School, Wuhan Sports University, Wuhan 430079, China;2School of Health Sciences, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA 15282, USA;3Tianjiu Research and Development Center for Exercise Nutrition and Foods, Hubei Key Laboratory of Sport Training and Monitoring, College of Health Science, Wuhan Sports University, Wuhan 430079, China


Sarcopenia is an age-related degenerative disease, in which skeletal muscle mass and function are reduced during aging process. Physical intervention is one of the most effective strategies available for the treatment of sarcopenia. Studies have shown that microRNAs (miRNAs), as important regulators of gene expression, play an important role in maintaining the homeostasis of senescent skeletal muscle cells by regulating skeletal muscle cell development (proliferation and differentiation), mitochondrial biogenesis, protein synthesis and degradation, inflammatory response and metabolic pathways. Furthermore, exercise can combat age-related changes in muscle mass, composition and function, which is associated with the changes in the expression and biological functions of miRNAs in skeletal muscle cells. In this article, we systematically review the regulatory mechanisms of miRNAs in skeletal muscle aging, and discuss the regulatory roles and molecular targets of exercise-mediated miRNAs in muscular atrophy during aging process, which may provide novel insights into the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia.

Key words: sarcopenia; microRNA; exercise intervention; signal pathway

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DOI: 10.13294/j.aps.2020.0061


梁计陵, 谢金凤, 王岑依, 陈宁. microRNA在衰老性肌萎缩和运动干预中的调节作用[J]. 生理学报 2020; 72 (5): 667-676.

LIANG Ji-Ling, XIE Jin-Feng, WANG Cen-Yi, CHEN Ning. Regulatory roles of microRNAs in sarcopenia and exercise intervention. Acta Physiol Sin 2020; 72 (5): 667-676 (in Chinese with English abstract).