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卜晓鸥, 杨熙玥, 张得龙, 马海林*

西藏大学-华南师范大学高原脑科学研究中心,拉萨 850000/广州 510631


长期高海拔暴露影响人类认知功能,如何科学干预是当前热点问题。本研究选取成年后移居高海拔地区的大学生作为研究对象,考察单次高压氧干预是否可以改善高原移居者的注意网络功能。注意网络测试(attention network test, ANT)结果显示,单次高压氧干预特异性地提高了移居者的注意定向功能而非注意警觉和执行控制功能,而且对注意定向功能的提高存在明显干预后效应。在高压氧舱干预结束后,被试警觉与执行控制功能的关联性提高,体现了高压氧干预导致注意功能整体性的改变。结合已有研究,本研究证实了单次高压氧干预对注意功能的改善可能源自认知资源的增加,而非注意系统内部认知资源的转移。

关键词: 高海拔; 高压氧; 注意网络测试; 移居者; 注意资源


Effect of single hyperbaric oxygen treatment on attention networks in young migrants in Tibet 

BU Xiao-Ou, YANG Xi-Yue, ZHANG De-Long, MA Hai-Lin*

Plateau Brain Science Research Center, Tibet University/South China Normal University, Lhasa 850000/Guangzhou 510631, China


Many studies have shown that high-altitude exposure could significantly influence human cognition, and the approaches which could enhance the human cognition in high-altitude hypoxia environment attract great attention. In the present study, we recruited a total of 60 subjects who had been migrated to Tibet University as adults for more than one year. These participants were randomly divided into the experimental group and the control group. The participants in the experimental group were instructed to complete a hyperbaric oxygen treatment, and those in the control group just completed a wait condition. By using the attention network test (ANT), the changes of the attention function before and after a single session of hyperbaric oxygen treatment were explored. The results showed that single hyperbaric oxygen treatment significantly improved the orienting function of attention, with an obvious post-intervention effect, but not the alerting and conflict function of attention. We also found a strong association between alerting function and conflict function after the end of intervention, suggesting the change of the overall performance of attention function. The present findings might suggest that the improvement of attention function by a single session of hyperbaric oxygen intervention is derived from the increase of general cognitive resources, rather than the transfer of cognitive resources within the attention system.

Key words: high altitude; hyperbaric oxygen; attention network test; migrants; attention resource

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卜晓鸥, 杨熙玥, 张得龙, 马海林. 单次高压氧干预改善高海拔移居者注意网络[J]. 生理学报 2021; 73 (2): 286-294.

BU Xiao-Ou, YANG Xi-Yue, ZHANG De-Long, MA Hai-Lin. Effect of single hyperbaric oxygen treatment on attention networks in young migrants in Tibet . Acta Physiol Sin 2021; 73 (2): 286-294 (in Chinese with English abstract).