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郭春杰, 于亮, 李彦锦, 周越*

北京体育大学运动生理学教研室,北京 100084



关键词: 肌肉弹性; 肌节; 骨架蛋白; 肌联蛋白; 肌联蛋白亚型

Titin: structure, isoforms and functional regulation

GUO Chun-Jie, YU Liang, LI Yan-Jin, ZHOU Yue*

Department of Exercise Physiology, Beijing Sport University, Beijing 100084, China


Titin, the largest known protein in the body expressed in three isoforms (N2A, N2BA and N2B), is essential for muscle structure, force generation, conduction and regulation. Since the 1950s, muscle contraction mechanisms have been explained by the sliding filament theory involving thin and thick muscle filaments, while the contribution of cytoskeleton in force generation and conduction was ignored. With the discovery of insoluble protein residues and large molecular weight proteins in muscle fibers, the third myofilament, titin, has been identified and attracted a lot of interests. The development of single molecule mechanics and gene sequencing technology further contributed to the extensive studies on the arrangement, structure, elastic properties and components of titin in sarcomere. Therefore, this paper reviews the structure, isforms classification, elastic function and regulatory factors of titin, to provide better understanding of titin.

Key words: muscle elasticity; sarcomere; cytoskeleton; titin; titin isoforms

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郭春杰, 于亮, 李彦锦, 周越. 肌联蛋白:结构、亚型分类及功能调节[J]. 生理学报 2023; 75 (4): 544-554.

GUO Chun-Jie, YU Liang, LI Yan-Jin, ZHOU Yue. Titin: structure, isoforms and functional regulation. Acta Physiol Sin 2023; 75 (4): 544-554 (in Chinese with English abstract).