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南湖霉素选择地运载Li~(+), Na~(+)通过磷脂双层

崔金娟, 汤树本, 施玉liang, 王文萍

河南医科大学生理教研室. 河南,郑州(450052);中科院上海生理研究所. 上海(200031)


南湖霉素引起脂双层依剂量提高而增大的膜电导升高; 通过测定在不同溶液系统中的平衡电位, 确定膜电导的变化来源于脂双层对阳离子, 特别是对Li~(+), Na~(+)通透性的升高, P_(Li)∶P_(Na)∶P_(K)∶P_(Cl)≈4.55∶1.00∶0.03∶0.02 的结果表明, 南湖霉素是对Li~(+), Na~(+)高度选择而对K~(+)选择性 很低的离子载体。图3表1参14

关键词: 南湖霉素; 脂双层; Na~(+)载体; 离子选择性

Selective transport of Li~(+) and Na~(+) through lipid bilayers by nanhumycin

Cui Jinjuan, Tang Shubem, Shi Yuliang, Wang Wenping

Department of Physiology, Henan Medical University. Zhengzhou,Henan;China(200031)


Nanhumycin, a new polyether antibiotic, has potent growth inhibitory effect on hay bacillus and antagonistic activity against chicken coccidiosis. Previous experiments on nerve-muscle preparations have shown that all the effects of nanhumycin on biological membrane could be correlated with its ability to act as a Na~(+) carrier. In this paper, the effets of nanhumycin on the permeability of the lipid bilayers were characterized and the main results were that Nanhumycin caused a concentration-dependent increase in membrane conductance(G_(m))of the lipid bilayers. By measuring the reversal potential in an asymmetrical solution system, it was demonstrated that the changes of G_(m) were attributed to an increase in permeability of the lipid bilayers to the lipid bilayers to cations(P_(Li)/P_(Na)=0.02), especially to Li~(+) and Na~(+). The P_(Li):P_(Na): P_(K)=4.55:1.00:0.03. These results suggests that nanhumycin is a cation carrier with high permeability for Li~(+) and Na~(+).

Key words: Nanhumycin;Lipid bilayers;Na~(+) carrier;Ion selectivity

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崔金娟, 汤树本, 施玉liang, 王文萍. 南湖霉素选择地运载Li~(+), Na~(+)通过磷脂双层[J]. 生理学报 1994; 46 (3): .

Cui Jinjuan, Tang Shubem, Shi Yuliang, Wang Wenping. Selective transport of Li~(+) and Na~(+) through lipid bilayers by nanhumycin. Acta Physiol Sin 1994; 46 (3): (in Chinese with English abstract).